Why this is a good idea

Why This Is A Good Idea

84% of DISD students are economically disadvantaged.

More than 100,000 students in the community are unsupervised after school every day.

Research shows that after-school care can significantly improve the lives of young people and reduce crime and other social problems.

"PYA wants to clearly, purposefully, provably deliver results, whether in the form of better grades, fewer dropouts, less crime, lower drug use, improved attitudes, or better social skills. We are helping PYA create the precise deliverables and performance benchmarks that will monitor these trends that imperil our young people and provide immediate feedback to tailor the program to each child’s individual needs."

— Dr. Timothy Bray, director of UTD’s Institute for Urban Policy Research

"Crime in Dallas skyrockets after 3 p.m."

— Former Dallas Police Chief Bill Kunkle